Summer Connections

We will have multiple small community gatherings this summer and we are calling them Summer Connections. If you’re looking for ways to meet new people, this is a fun way to connect with each other in more informal ways. They are run by members or regular attenders of Renewal and are a great way to connect with people outside of your Community Group (CG) while CG’s take a break. Sign up for as many events as you like!

West Philly Summer Connections

Book Club – Led by Jaimie

Book Club to read and discuss! As a group, we will decide on a fiction book to read and meet bi-weekly to discuss. Gatherings will take place on 51st & Chestnut and will begin the week of July 2. Max 8.

**Please note – We have a mid-sized dog named Coney! He is very friendly but does shed and will ask for pets.

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Center City Summer Connections

Pickup Volleyball at Crane Chinatown on Sundays – Led By Alex

Currently, we (myself, Ernest T, and Hannah L) host weekly pickup volleyball almost every Sunday at Crane Chinatown from 4:30-6:30pm, and sometimes 6-8pm. The mission is to use volleyball as a medium to fellowship, get to know, and do life with people you may or may not normally hang out with.
Open to all skill levels! So if you never played volleyball in the past, don’t let that stop you. We’ll do our best to teach you the fundamentals.
Disclaimer: This is a non-competitive pickup, so please leave your ego and pride aside.
We currently have a list-serve for everyone interested and thought it would be great to open it up to more of y’all and all the newcomers that come through Renewal this summer! So if you’re interested, please email me ( to get added to our list-serve!
Some logistics …
1) Emails to signup are sent out every week on either Monday/Tuesday and we usually cap at 28 people.
2) We have to pay to reserve the court and so we’ll split the cost evenly. Typically ranges anywhere from $7-10 based on turnout.

Weekly Interfaith Basketball – Led By Mark

When: Every Sunday
Time: 2pm-4pm (though we always go longer)
Where: The Mason on Chestnut on 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA
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Indoor Bouldering at Cliffs! – Led By Sharon & Daniel

What: Indoor bouldering (rock climbing) at Cliffs at Callowhill!
When: Listed Sundays, 2-5pm (subject to change based on interest).
Join us for lunch prior if interested, otherwise see you at Cliffs around then.
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