Children & Youth

With parents being the primary Christian nurturers of their children, our ministry to children & youth aims to walk alongside parents in helping teach their children to understand and experience the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is our great joy to “let the children come to [Jesus]” (Luke 18:16).

At Renewal Presbyterian Church, we believe in what is called covenantal worship. Many have grown up in churches in which the children worshipped with children, the youth with youth, and the adults with adults, completely separated by age. But we believe that Scripture teaches that the church is the entire people of God – children and adults – standing together before God to worship. Covenantal worship is rooted in God’s promises in the Bible for all His people young and old. Thus, on Sundays, we invite all children of all ages to participate in the worship service with their parents, for at least the first half. Children 5th grade & under are then dismissed during the time of greeting to their classes for age appropriate worship and teaching. Youth 6th grade and up are invited to participate in the entire service.



On Sundays, when dismissed to the Children’s Ministry, children from 2 years old to 5th grade go through a Christ-centered curriculum. In addition to weekly Bible lessons, the children get to sing songs of worship & do lesson-related activities.

For children 23 months & younger, childcare is offered in our Nursery.


Renewal Youth Group meetings are held twice a month on Friday evenings from 7:30 to 9:00pm at our West Philly Campus (4633 Cedar Ave). During this time, our students gather for worship, Bible study, service, and fellowship activities. This meeting serves to both supplement their Sunday worship experience and provide spiritual community which is of particular importance during their formative years.

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