The Church

"For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another"
(Romans 12:4-5).

The church is the “body of Christ.” And as a body needs all its members doing their part to fully function, we invite you to get involved in serving our church.

Children’s Ministry

Each classroom, from our nursery to our Sunday School classes, is a place of wide-eyed learning, singing, and growing in Christ’s love and His Word. We are looking for dedicated volunteers who love children and desire to see them rooted in Him from the earliest age possible. All volunteers are required to submit Criminal & Child Abuse checks.

Youth Group

RYG ministry aims to walk alongside parents in helping teach their youth to understand and experience the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a large group, we meet every other Friday evening for Bible study and engage in other fellowship activities, including group games, outings, service events, and retreats. Each teacher also fosters mentoring relationships with their individual small groups. We need volunteers of both genders who are Renewal members (or committed to actively pursuing membership).

Welcoming Committee

The Welcoming Committee is responsible for preparing the sanctuary for each service, extending warmth and friendship to all who come through the doors, and connecting newcomers to Community Groups.

Praise Team

Praise team leads our Sunday worship through keyboard, drums, electric guitar, bass guitar, and vocals–we are also open to adding to/growing our ministry. The time commitment is from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm at both Center City and West Philly for the Sundays that you are on, in addition to practicing the music on your own throughout the week. In order to join, you must be a member of Renewal Church (or in the process of pursuing it), and actively involved in your community group.


Sound volunteers are responsible for properly working the sound board, adjusting our worship team levels and making sure our presiders and pastors are mic’d up properly. It would help if you have experience in this area but as long as you are willing to learn, you are welcome! Time commitment would be about 2 Sundays a month at most depending on need, and you would be at church from from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm at both West Philly and Center City.

Multimedia Committee

The Multimedia Committee is responsible for aiding in Sunday worship with the powerpoint presentations. This committee is looking for those who are interested in the information technology needs of our church.


Our Social Media team manages our social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook). Volunteers do not need to be able to do it all–we are looking for people who love making graphics and promoting events as well as those who love taking photographs. 

Treasury Committee

Every Sunday, the Treasury Committee counts, handles, and deposits the weekly offering. Members of the Treasury Committee also assist with bookkeeping. For anyone with a knack for financial organization and record-keeping, consider joining this Committee. Contact Isaac Kwon (

Building Committee

The Building committee is tasked with keeping the church building in good repair and ready for use by the church body and secondly by our neighbors / community organizations. Current responsibilities include but are not limited to repairs / maintenance of 4633 Cedar, responding to requests to use the building by various church members, committees, & ministries, as well as local non-profit organizations.

Scripture Readers

We have members of our church read scripture for us each Sunday. Our rotation currently means each volunteer would read 3-4 times per year. If you are interested in reading for us at either campus, sign up here:

Micah 6:8

The purpose of Micah 6:8 is to move the church toward being in just and whole relationships with one another, our community, and the greater city of Philadelphia by striving to see the world and its people as Jesus does. Members will engage in reflection, dialogue, and cross-cultural learning, with the goal of engaging with the wider church body and the neighborhoods we are a part of. We are seeking members of Renewal who are open to learning more about themselves and issues of social identity, equity, and inclusion from a Christ-centered framework. 

Missions Committee

The Missions Committee supports our vision and mission as a church to “ignite a gospel-spreading movement” worldwide. This committee is for church members who want to play a role in building a culture of global missions at our church and supporting our missionaries abroad.

Community Group Leaders

CG leaders are asked to do two main things in leading a group: 1) Shepherding and 2) Serving. Shepherding is something we ask leaders to do alongside the pastors and elders (not in place of us). It involves overseeing and participating in a system of people checking in on one another to encourage, support and challenge each other in their Christian life. Serving includes both managing the group’s logistics and facilitating discussions. The CG leader is only asked to manage those things – he or she shouldn’t do them all by themselves! CG works best when everyone does some of the work! CG leaders must be members or actively pursuing membership at the next class.


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