Serving others

COVID-19 and the response of our city, country, and world provides the church with multiple opportunities to serve and love our neighbors. We have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus in difficult times. We, of course, also want to be wise and continue to practice social distancing. These opportunities below allow us to serve others without gathering in large groups and provide physical distance between us. If you are ill or feel as though you need to stay in doors, please don’t volunteer. There are a few opportunities for those who wish to not leave their home at this time. 

Easter Outreach

COVID-19 has changed everything, including Easter Outreach. Many local food pantries are not able to accommodate people coming to their location to pick up food. They need people who are willing to deliver groceries to those who shouldn’t be leaving their homes. So, we are now looking for volunteers to immediately help sort food (small group of 3-5) and deliver food to seniors in need (without face to face contact). Please sign up below and we will be in contact about next steps and potential opportunities. We are targeting Mondays and Thursdays for delivery, but may expand to other days as needed. Please be aware that the city of Philadelphia government has asked the churches to serve in this way. Click on the link below to volunteer and the West Philadelphia Easter Outreach Team will be in contact about ways to serve.