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We believe Christians can be most effective when the whole of their lives are as integrated as possible: their home, their work, their network of relationships (including unbelieving friends, co-workers, classmates, and neighbors), and their church life.

To tie our community groups to particular sections of the Philadelphia area, our community groups are formally organized into parishes (defined areas of congregational care). Each parish has a cluster of community groups. We encourage members to tie themselves to a particular parish. There are currently 11 community groups meeting this summer, seven in Center City and four in West Philly.

The City Ave parish is currently in transition with the Main Line church plant and will be starting up new CGs there in the fall.

To visit and join a community group in your region, let us help you get connected. Fill out our Get Connected Form. Our parish coordinators will contact you and help connect you to a group.

Center City Parish

  1. Thursday
    Leaders: David & Ashley Lu

  2. Thursday - CLOSED
    Leaders: Ed & Jamie Cho, Christine Pyun

  3. Thursday
    Leaders: Brandon Ku, Heechan Lee

  4. Thursday - CLOSED
    Leaders: Elisa Baek, Sam Ng

  5. Friday
    Leader: Matt Rong

  6. Friday
    Leaders: Chris & Christina Chong, Elizabeth Krispin, Jessica Lee

  7. Friday - CLOSED
    Leaders: Cathy Lee, Hee Young Yim, Jane Hwang

West Philly Parish

  1. Thursday
    Leader: Jeremy Fahringer

  2. Friday
    Leaders: Wesley & Eunice Chay

  3. Friday
    Leaders: Hon Lui, Michael & Hanley Woody

  4. Friday
    Leaders: Dug Su & Caroline Yun, Justin Wang

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