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Community groups are the primary means through which Renewal gathers to live out the gospel and mature together in its truth (gospel community) and to spread the gospel incarnationally through word and deed (gospel mission).

Our community groups gather weekly throughout our Philadelphia region for Bible study, prayer, shared laughter and tears, fellowship, and accountability. Community groups are a central expression of our churchís vision to see lives and our region transformed for Jesus.

Our goal is to cultivate a devoted community of believers who worship Jesus, love one another, and together serve those in need of the hope of the gospel.

Why are all members encouraged to join a community group?

Getting connected at Renewal means participating in both the Sunday worship gathering and a community group. Sundays are a time for celebrating in worship of Jesus and receiving the preaching of the Word and sacraments together as one body. Community groups are the primary context where the seeds of the preached Word take root, get nurtured, and bear fruit. It is the place where we build authentic spiritual relationships with one another, share life together, and live out the gospel. Also, it is within these groups within the neighborhoods of our region that we can participate in Godís mission to incarnate the gospel to our broken world.

Why are they called "community groups"?

We feel the term "community group" intentionally and helpfully expresses the purpose of these gatherings. We mean two things by the word "community."

  1. We desire to see true Christ-centered community fleshed out in these groups, as our people love, care for, and challenge one another (gospel community).
  2. Our aim is for these groups to engage, love, and serve the surrounding local community in which they meet (gospel mission).

How do I choose the right community group and parish?

Our desire for each person that calls Renewal home is that they would connect with a particular community group in a particular parish. We want you to identify with the mission of a particular parish where you would worship, serve, and participate in community in that particular context. For most, that will coincide with where you live and the parish that is the closest.

We discourage people from attending the worship service of one church and participating in a community group of another as that disconnects your weekly relational community and mission from your Sunday worshipping community. We see an unnatural separation of oneís spiritual life in doing so. Membership at a church entails commitment to that church in its worship, mission, and community. Therefore, we encourage you to consider where God is calling you to participate in the mission of a particular church and plant roots there in worship attendance, service and community group life.

For college students, view our various campus ministries.

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